Residential Development

Residential development: Home sweet home

As smart homes increase their capacity, and safety and energy efficiency continue to top our priorities, electrical design must enable more power to more places. On top of decades of experience in electrical contracting, Pereira stays current with trends and expectations in luxury residential technology. Our expertise includes:

electrical design for residential development

Affordable housing: Supporting communities

By collaborating with housing authorities and community organizations, Pereira has helped light up new, affordable living spaces for underserved residents. With proven expertise in economical electrical design, we can leverage economies of scale to create a safe, comfortable home environment for all residents.   

Green living: Sustainable electrical design

As more renters and homeowners look for greener options, our ability to develop and execute LEED-certified, earth-friendly electrical design keeps us ahead. Our strategies include:

Recent Residential Development Projects:

Let our experience light up your next project.