Design Assist: How Can We Help?

Early design assist participation in complex projects allows us to put our proactive, problem-solving approach to work, assuring the project can be completed on time and within budget. Pereira Electric approaches design assist projects with our in-house design capabilities and expertise.

We understand the critical nature of meeting the budget and completion schedule, but also recognize the need to remain flexible and allow for customer revisions as the design continues to develop throughout the project. Our experience allows us to manage this process and work with the owner and engineer to achieve the desired results as efficiently and economically as possible.

electrical design assist services

Design Assist Services Include

How Does the Design Assist Process Work?

Primary engineering and design remains the responsibility of an outside engineering team. Pereira Electric will offer suggestions, coordination, management and quality control/compliance. We also provide all CAD details and elevations for electrical rooms, specialty equipment rough-in, and special systems for approval and distribution to other trades.

electrical design assist services
electrical construction
electrical design assist

Through the electrical design assist process we provide you with:

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